Migration Development Nexus Essay

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Assignment (100%) Essay Question: In what ways can migration contribute to development? Please answer this generally or by using a country case study. Degree Programme: MA International Development: Poverty, Conflict and Reconstruction Course Unit: Political Economy of Development (IDPM60072) University ID: 9535497 Academic Year: 2014/15 Word Count: 3292 Introduction Migration plays a vital role in socio-economic growth and leads to development by improving investment, trade and development linkages. Migration serves as a medium for development finance in form of remittances, transfer of ideas, skills, and formation of cultural and commercial networks (Diasporas). This essay will argue that migration contributes to development in form of economic growth (remittances), building social capital (brain gain) and encouraging social cohesion among migrants for collective action (diaspora networks) that leads to further development initiatives. It is worth mentioning that not all migration has positive impact. For instance, if remittances increase spending power without an increase in productivity, it can result in drive inflation. On the other hand, it can violate important economic sectors such as healthcare and education through ‘brain drain’. Positive developmental effects of migration depend on interaction of various factors, such as the conditions in the countries of origin and destination. To elaborate on these points, this essay will first define migration and development and provide a brief background of the theoretical framework. Next, the essay will discuss and analyse the correlation between migration and development. Afterwards, the essay will shed light on the importance and role of the remittances, brain gain and diaspora networks in relation to development. Finally, the essay will conclude by providing a summary. It is worth mentioning

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