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MIGRATIONS Nowadays, migration of North Koreans to China and South Korea has increased. The figures of North Korean migration are widely varied, from 30,000 to 300,000. Over 10% of North Korean’s population had migrated to South Korea. Most migrants only hope to search for a better life. It is an uneasy journey. Migrating to S. Korea is practically impossible as there is a DMZ. Settling in China is difficult as the Chinese government treats defectors as ‘political criminals’. Today, North Korea is developing their warfare to prevent emigration of its citizens, and it makes the journey even difficult. In this project, we will investigate the situation, push and pull factors, and the impacts of migration from North Korea to both South Korea and China. Introduction and Background Information North Korea Political | Economical | Others | * Government Type: Communist, Dictatorship (Communist State One-Man Dictatorship) * Have 6 Political Prison Camp * Oppressive government and politically enclosed/ isolated from the outside world * the world's most militarized society | * Least open economies and faces economical problem * Poor industry * Poor maintenance * Poor agriculture * Lack of arable land and poor soil quality * Poor Economy → famine → poor living conditions, malnutrition of population | * Official Language: Korean (Chinese is also used) * Severe restrictions on human rights for its citizens * Population: 24,720,407 (July 2013 est.) | South Korea Political | Economical | Others | * Government Type: Republic * Politically open * Member of the U.N. (United Nations) | * High-tech industrialized economy * Growth in economy * World’s 12th largest economy and Asia’s 4th largest economy * Government promoted import of raw materials and technology * Has the 2nd highest standard of living in Asia |

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