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Migration Each year, millions of men and women leave their homes and cross national borders in search of better livelihoods for themselves and their families. Most are motivated by the desire for higher wages and better opportunities, but some are forced to leave their homes due to poverty, natural disaster, environmental degradation, violent conflict or persecution. The most populous nation of the world, China experiences the most extensive internal migration today. Internal migration in China is characterized by two important features: first, most migrants leave their farmlands for urban areas and/or for non-agricultural activities; second, such labour flows are basically directed from the interior to coastal areas, and/or from central and western regions to eastern areas. Around 70 per cent of migrant workers are employed in China’s eastern areas with two thirds of them working in large or medium cities and half of them moving between different provinces. Push factors that can force people to leave their own country include: * Not enough jobs * Low wages * Poor educational opportunities * Poor health care * War with another country * Civil war and lawlessness * Drought and famine Pull factors that can attract people to a new country include: * Hope of finding a job * Higher wages than at home * Better health care * Chance of a better education * A better standard of living * Family and friends may have moved there already * Lower levels of crime, and safety from conflict A migrant worker reading a book. A car license for Shanghai costs 50,000 Chinese yuan, far higher than a migrant worker would generally be able to

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