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Midterm Essay

  • Submitted by: Coleon05
  • on July 16, 2015
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Psychology 110B - Midterm
Professor Paul Bloom
February 28, 2007
1. Please clearly PRINT your name on top of EVERY PAGE. Do this first.
2. There are a total of 22 pages, including this one. Unless explicitly noted, each
question is worth one point. The questions add up to a total of 100 points
3. Do not spend too much time on any one question or you will have difficulty
finishing in time. And don’t try to “pad” or add irrelevant information – this can
end up hurting you if you make a mistake.
5. Please print your name on top of every page. I know I said this before, but
sometimes people really do forget.
6. Don’t panic! Some of these questions are harder than others, and some are very
hard indeed. We do not expect ANYONE to get everything right. (On the other
hand, we also do not expect anyone to get everything wrong!).
7. Good luck!
Page 2
YOUR NAME ________________________________________________
I1. Who was "Clever Hans" and what important lesson did he contribute to
psychology? (2 pts)
I2. Developmental psychologists have argued that babies have considerable inborn
knowledge of the physical world. This is most similar to the view of which
A. Locke
B. Kant
C. Descartes
D. Mill
I3. ______________ use the concept of ____________to explain how sensory
experiences alone could ultimately lead to complex thought.
A Nativists; innateness
B. Dualists; empiricism
C. Physiologists; reflexology
D. Empiricists; association
Page 3
YOUR NAME ________________________________________________
C1: It takes infants about 1 month of experience moving and observing the actions
of others before they can successfully imitate facial expressions such as sticking
out their tongue.
C2: A developmental psychologist would like to determine whether a 5-month-old
infant could discriminate a real object from a picture of that object. Describe an

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