Midsouth Chamber of Commerce

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Case: Midsouth Chamber of Commerce (B) Synopsis For the follow up case to Midsouth Chamber of Commerce, the institution has implemented a new Vice President/CFO to the company. During this initial period, she is looking back on why she first decided to accept the positions and the reasoning behind it. Parallel to her inward search, the back story to the key players in the previous case is told. In the case, it describes the company’s battles with finding a system to replace UNITRAK. During the search, an alternative was found but in the research and the implementation, plenty of flaws and issues were found and caused several problems for MSCC. By employing DMA to handle the installation and support of the new system, the decision made the possibility of salvaging the system harder and almost non-existent by the end of the case. This left the new Vice President trying to find new ways to repair the damage done to an already flawed system. Key Problems The major problem that seems to plague MSCC is the fact that there was no opinion or guidance from an experienced information system professional. On either installation you can visibly see that the decisions were made quickly and even if there was research performed, it was not enough to quantify the decisions to implement either one of these systems or business. Also, the failure of Gramen to read and fully understand the contract provided by DMA which outlined what they were willing to provide and what MSCC was guaranteed. This would have provided some type of leverage for MSCC later on in the situation when a possible law suit against DMA was eminent. Another problem would be the time frame of the new implementation. Even though it was felt that time seemed to be of the essence in terms of getting rid of the botched UNITRAK system, saving funds on having the outside reporting firm, etc., more time

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