Midlife Career Change Essay

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A Study of the Motivation for and Implementation of Making a Midlife Career Change Abstract Making a midlife career change requires considerable introspection about changes the person will be comfortable with. Consider all of the concerns associated with making a midlife career change. Do not forget the impact the change will have to finances and relationships during the transition. Schooling or technical training will likely be required to achieve the goal of a new career. The career changer may need to consider counseling about the career change. After the decision to change careers has been made, a plan needs to be put in place to achieve the required goal of gainful employment in the chosen career. A Study of the Motivation for and Implementation of Making a Midlife Career Change Thesis Researchers report, currently one of every three American workers is in some stage of career movement or change. This information tells readers many American workers will undergo a career change through the working years. The older generation worker’s choice to stay in the same field of work and often with the same employer during an entire career is no longer the norm (Barclay, Stoltz, & Chung, 2011). Career change is defined as taking place when a person enters into a new job requiring essentially completely new talents, routines, and a new work environment than a person’s current occupation (Barclay et al, 2011). This paper focuses on the midlife career changes people embark on during a lifetime. A significant percentage of job changes involve a completely new career being pursued. With the current climate in the workplace of downsizing and re-evaluation of positions within both large and small employers, often a viable option for displaced employees is choosing the option of changing to a new career holding the allure of being more rewarding. The career change

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