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Mark Otto IDS 201 Butcher Research Paper November 14, 2012 Gideon and the Midianites Reading the book of Judges there was one story that pulled me in. Judges 7 with Gideon and his night battle. Dr. Mangano always says that the key to a good story is when you can pull a reader in, and they can imagine and compare to their lives. Well that is exactly what had happened to me, I was reading and this story just pulled me in and had me wanting to know so much more. Why does trumpets and torches cause panic throughout the camp? Why was doing a night battle different from all the others? How are ancient biblical military strategies different from ours today? Why were the Israelites first given to the Midianites? Was war a problem? Midianites…show more content…
At this point, a night battle has never been done yet. The first thing about a night battle is it is hard to be seen, but also to see at the same time. This caused a dilemma for many. In order for Gideon to prevail, he needed to do a night battle (Battles of the Bible, p. 73). Gideon was very clever by attacking at night. His enemy couldn’t use there position to an advantage or any other advantage they may have they couldn’t use (Battles of the Bible, p. 77). In biblical times, for every torch there was one thousand men. Gideon had each one of his soldiers carrying a torch and many of them had trumpets. The trumpets were to make a lot of noise to that it made it seem like there was a lot more people than there really was. The torches were to signify how many men there were. Imagine this with me for a second. You are in a valley with hundreds of thousands of men. Everyone talking about how they had a dream they were going to be slaughtered by Gideon. All of a sudden you wake up to all this noise and many trumpets blowing, and as you look out you see surrounding you 300 torches (each that signify one thousand men). Are you not supposed to be scared? This is why they started stabbing each other. This is the power of God working. Torches in this instant were important because with less men they could sneak around easier without being heard (Battles of the Bible, p.…show more content…
There were many problems with war in biblical times, but now is when people seem to bring them up. First, we have a problem of God. In the Old Testament war was excepted because the main image people knew what God as a warrior. But when shifting into the New Testament we see God as a loving person. Today, when people talk about God they say how amazing He is, and how loving and caring He is; but what about the God that can be angry? At one point God flooded the nation and killed every person except for one family. Is that loving (The Problem of War in the Old Testament, p. 11)? Second, there is a problem of revelation. This is related to the part to the manner of God’s self-revelation in war. Wars did take place in ancient Israel, but why was so much of it preserved as a big part of the revealed scripture (The Problem of War in the Old Testament, p. 11)? Third, there is a problem of ethics. In the New Testament God is loving and caring. Are our ethics taught on the New Testament alone, or the entire bible? The Ten Commandments are contained in the Old Testament, and one of them is not to murder. Is war murdering (The Problems of War in the Old Testament, p.

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