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“RATIOS ON AISLE 7” Understanding Unit Prices- 7th Grade Intensive Math Project Instructor: E. Holland- OUR GOAL: Level 3…and Beyond!!! ------------------------------------------------- Due Monday, December 11, 2012 – ------------------------------------------------- Project is to be submitted on a flash/jump drive. ------------------------------------------------- Purpose: To focus on the area of the 2012 math baseline assessment where students scored the lowest: Ratios and Proportional Relationships. ------------------------------------------------- OVERVIEW: THIS PROJECT HAS 2 SECTIONS, EACH GRADED SEPARATELY: ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- SECTION 1) CALCULATING UNIT PRICE – Visiting a grocery store and calculating unit prices. ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- SECTION 2) COMPASS LEARNING COMPUTER ASSIGNMENT & SUMMARY– RATES AND RATIOS - Completing a computer assignment on Rates and Ratios and writing a paragraph based on what you learned in that computer assignment. , double space on rates and ratios. SECTION 1 – CALCULATING UNIT PRICE MATERIALS * Pen and Paper * Calculator Step 1 – Take your materials (and an adult) to a Winn Dixie, Publix, or Walmart grocery store and find the following 5 products: a bag/box of cookies – a loaf of bread - a box of cereal – a carton of orange juice, and a box of spaghetti. Make sure these items have a weight listed in ounces on the label. ------------------------------------------------- You don’t have to get the same brands or sizes that are displayed here. These are examples. Step 2 – On a sheet of paper (from your pad), write the following information. -ITEM – Cookies BRAND NAME – For example, Oreos, Wonderbread, Cheerios,
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