Middle School Individual Student Planning Essay

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Middle School Individual Student Planning Melisa O’Connor ECUC 661 Liberty University Middle School Individual Student Planning Component #1: Needs Identification/Assessment Middle School Student: The student is a male, second generation, Mexican Immigrant **It is important that first generation students be provided every opportunity to pursue post-secondary education. Extra consideration and attention must be given to these students especially those from diverse backgrounds. Parents or guardians may not be aware that higher education is a possibility for their child and must communicate to all parties. Counselors must work especially hard to keep lines of communication open and even provide information to parents in their own language on the as need basis. ASCA Personal/Social Development Standard A-Students will acquire the knowledge, attitudes, and interpersonal skills to help them understand and respect self and others (ASCA, 2005). ASCA Personal/Social Development Standard B-Students will make decision, set goals, and take necessary action to achieve goals (ASCA, 2005). ASCA Personal/Social Development Standard C-Students will understand safety and survival skills (ASCA, 2005). When dealing with a multicultural student the counselor must consider: 1. Identify the impact of systemic oppression and traumatic stress in the school (Dollarhide, 2012). 2. Deconstruct the oppression by examining other settings in which the student is valued and supported to find more affirming self-definitions (Dollarhide, 2012). 3. Reintegrate the new meanings of self as empowered and valuable with the educational environment (Dollarhide, 2012). 4. Transform the experience e into one that affirms resilience and coping, further empowering the student to address systemic oppression in affirming ways (Dollarhide, 2012). To identify the student’s

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