Middle School Characteristics Essay

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Middle School Characteristics 1 EDU 106 Introduction to Middle School: Middle School Characteristics Athena Cuevas Midway College MIDDLE SCHOOL CHARACTERISTICS 2 ABSTRACT The following essay reviews and briefly describes the characteristics of middle school students. Dr. Charles Roberts of Midway College provided handouts of these characteristics in his EDU 106 Introduction to Middle School Course. The characteristics of young people when they reach middle school and many, varied, and unusual. These handouts are supposed to help us to better understand why middle school age students may or may not react the way we expect, or better yet, don’t expect. MIDDLE SCHOOL CHARACTERISTICS 3 Young adults that are entering middle are most likely going through the most powerful changes they will ever go through in life. There are so many factors that contribute to a middle school student’s reactions and behaviors. Young middle school children/young adults are basically rapidly changing bodies that have a hurricane of mental issues, insecurities, anxieties, hormonal changes, and a plethora of emotions inside them. To top off everything, middle school students do not understand what they are going through physically, mentally, and emotionally which makes their attitudes much more dramatic. As future middle school teachers, we have to be able to identify these changes, expect them, learn how to deal with them comfortably and most of all, be patient with them. Middle school age students are at an age that they are, in a way, breaking away from

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