Middle East Crisis Essay

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A dialogue between you and your HM/Principal for some days leave Smith: May I get in, madam? Headmistress: Yes, come in. what’s your problem? Smith: Madam, I need three days leave from tomorrow. So, I want your recommendation. Headmistress: I see. But you know your term final exam is knocking at your door. Now your participation in classes is very important, isn’t it? Smith: Yes. I know, madam. Headmistress: then why are you asking me for the leave? Smith: But right now it is very urgent for me. Headmistress: Urgent! What kind of urgency do you have? Smith: To be honest, the marriage ceremony of my elder brother is going to be arranged on the next Tuesday. For this purpose, I have to be remained busy for some days in order to arrange the function. Headmistress: Really? It’s a great news! But aren’t there any other one who can take this responsibility? Smith: Madam, my father is seriously ill now and there’s none left in my family to do so. I should say I’m the only youngest son of my parents. Headmistress: Oh, very sad. What’s happened to your father? Smith: In fact, he’s a diabetic patient. Last week, it got high and has turned in severe form. Doctor suggests him to take rests for as few days. Headmistress: Hmm, I regret for your father’s illness. May Allah cure him soon. However, take one day leave. Smith: Madam, one day is not sufficient as I’ve to manage most of the tasks to arrange the ceremony. Please, approve me three days leave. Headmistress: Okay. If this is the case, write an application for the leave and I’ll approve it. But one thing, don’t forget your lessons and don’t waste your time. Smith: Yes madam got you. So many thanks and I’m very grateful to you. Oh, forget to say, you’re earnestly invited to my brother’s marriage ceremony. Headmistress: you’re most welcome, my boy. Best wishes to
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