Middle Childhood Observation

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Observation One: Middle-childhood Kennedy Saulsberry During Thanksgiving break my uncle and his family visited my home for a couple of days. This was the perfect opportunity to do my middle-childhood observation because my uncle has two little boys aged 7 and 11. They are on complete opposite ends of the middle-childhood age spectrum so it was interesting to note the differences between the two of them. Of course their physical appearances are very different; while Matthew (age seven) is about 4'6 with long spindly legs, a short torso, and a wide smile with teeth in every stage of growth, Taylor (age eleven) is taller than me, standing at 5'4 (though he is still all legs), has all of his adult teeth, and has a long slender face. Matthew seems to be right on target, but it seems Taylor is advanced for his age. This might be hereditary as my uncle is 6'3. Apart from appearance I got to witness their physical abilities in action when we drove to SkyZone (an indoor trampoline park) for an evening of fun. Matthew was content to bounce in one place, and occasionally dive into the foam pit in a game he called shark hunt. My younger brother Ken (age thirteen) and Taylor, went for the already established games of basketball and dodgeball with a group of kids they made friends with. Matthew making up his own games and Taylor games that require high motor skills are both stage appropriate actions. This brings me to the social/emotional side of things. At one point during the day Taylor was picking on Matthew for being a kiss-up to their parents and Matt responded by kicking, punching, and screaming at him. This was typical of Taylor who's age group sees increased sibling rivalry, but a little premature of Matt who's physical aggression is supposed to be lessening. My mom pretended to cry as a response to Matthew's behavior saying "fighting makes me sad" to which

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