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The Middle Ages The Middle Ages in Europe came after the fall of the Roman Empire . The lack of government led to feudalism as well as the need for protection. Also people looked for aid in the church and thrived for salvation, which led to the rise of power of the Roman Catholic Church. These events led to The Middle Ages also being known as the Age of Feudalism and the Age of Faith. The Middle Ages have also been referred to as the Age of feudalism because people needed protection and others needed land. There was a need for protection because after the fall of The Roman Empire there was no law enforcement it was basically a free for all. Owners of land are known as lords, they gave land to people who needed it known as vassals in exchange for military service. According to document one at the start of the Middle Ages there was no government,there was robbery everywhere and there was so much violence that people would hide in high mountains. This is also another reason for the rise of feudalism because people were scared and despretly needed laws and someone to enforce them. Document four explains the feudal obligations between a lord and a vassal. A vassal must be loyal and provide military service to their lord and their lord must provide protection and land for their vassal. Vassals were allowed to leave the land but the lord and the vassal needed each other equally. A vassal would often get a serf that would work the land for them. Serfs were not slaves but still had to be loyal to the vassal and the lord. The Middle Ages were also known as the Age of Faith because the church was the most important part of these people’s lives. Document five states that the Church was against the violence because of the Truce of God that said that every Sunday,Friday, and Saturday there should be peace and no robbery. People agreed with what

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