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Amanda Baksh H2-07 April 12, 2011 DBQ Essay The Middle Ages and the Age of Globalization are time periods that experienced great changes. These changes were economic and social that occurred throughout history. Document #1 discusses the Middle Ages and the economical changes that took place. One change is that new agricultural techniques were introduced. That included legumes, which enrich the soil with nutrients. Also, the science of manuring was recognized which involved marl, a lime-rich mud, and ashes being used with a combination of animal manure. Another economical change is that the quality of herds was enhanced by selection and crossbreeding. Document #3 is an article by Frances and Joseph Gies who wrote about the growth of European cities effecting medieval European societies. An impact is that it began to abandon their roles of military headquarters and administrative centers as life was starting to be based upon industry and commerce. Places like Genoa, which was once Roman villages, expanded while other such as Venice came out of nowhere. Other places including Villanova, Villaneuve, Neustadt, were called “New City” because they were built from designs. Document #4 discusses the Age of Globalization and the economical changes that occurred. World trade has increased and triggered multiple drastic changes. Whole countries have seen their fortunes soar as foreign investment, which created factories and provided jobs for millions of people. Some countries were left behind leaving billions of people being affected. Document #6 is an article by Joseph E. Stiglitz who wrote about positive and negative effects of economical changes. Positive effects of globalization include helping hundreds of millions of people attain higher standards in living. Also, it has benefited countries by discovering new

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