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Middle Ages:the Dark Ages and the Age of Faith The Middle Age was a time period between the classical and the modern time period.The middle ages have been described as the dark ages,the age of feudalism,the age of faith and the golden age of Europe. The dark ages consisted of many invasions,lethal weapons and the bubonic plague.The dark ages is the best name for the middle ages due to invasions. Invasions happened frequently during this time period.A group known as the Vikings was well known for their invasions.They would invade towns steal food,goods,and money and then return back to their homeland.They killed innocent peasants and townspeople and burnt cities down.These invasions left people with no homes or food.The lucky ones were killed. The Vikings would also take innocent people and rather then kill them they would take them back to their home land and use them as slaves.Another reason the middle should be called the darks ages is because of the wars that were happening.There were constant battles over land. Feudal warfare was common between manors.The manors also created problems.There was no communication with the outside which prevented learning and ideas.The bubonic plague is one of the main reasons why the middle ages should be called the dark ages.The plague killed nearly a third of the population of Europe.The plague had three types,septicemic,pneumonic and bubonic. The septicemic plague consisted of bleeding in the skin and other organs, this creates black patches on the skin.There are bite-like bumps on the skin, which are mostly red and sometimes white in the center.The pneumonic plague is the most fatal.The pneumonic plague infects the lungs,and with that infection there is person-to-person transmission breathing.The time it takes to die with the pneumonic plague is usually between two and four days, but can be as little as a few hours.People knew

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