Middle Age and Adolescence

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Middle Childhood and Adolescence Adolescence is the beginning of the end of infancy. It is a time when the body of the child begins its rapid rise within the realm of actuated responsibility and development. The standard of protection and consolation the child has been afforded by its guardian ad litem has given way to the self- actualization of individualism. A changing of the guard per se. This period of development called adolescence is a stage in which the body of the child begins to form a more structured frame physically and mentally. The physical development of the adolescence progresses rapidly. This progression is called puberty. Puberty as stated by Robert A, Baron (1998) is the period of rapid change during which individuals of both genders reach sexual maturity. (Baron, 1998, p. 343) During this period of adolescence development sexual hormones are increased, the boys start to produce sperm and the girls begin their menstrual periods. The start of puberty in adolescence varies in girls. Brenda C. Coleman asserts that most girls begin to menstruate by the time they are thirteen; but for some this process does not start until considerably later, and for others it may begin as early as age seven or eight. (Coleman, 1997) Boys affirms Baron (1998) begins to produce sperm by the time they are fourteen or fifteen; but again for some the process may start either earlier or later. (Baron, 1998) These physical changes in development of the adolescence can have dramatic impacts on the mental development of the adolescence as well. It is a time of emotional highs and worldly lows. Too inexperienced to fully grasp the complexities of the world and too egocentric to appreciate the innocence of information. The adolescent Baron ( 1998 ) says uses their newfound cognitive skills to construct sweeping theories about various aspects of life; but these theories are
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