Midaq Alley Summary Ch1-5

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Midaq Alley Summary: Ch1-5 Midaq Alley is a novel written by the prominent Arab writer Naguib Mahfouz. The story takes place during World War II and starts with a description of Midaq Alley, a small alleyway in Cairo almost completely isolated from all surrounding activity. It is composed of a café, two shops, a bakery, and an office. The first chapter of the story is mostly set in Kirsha’s café, where the writer introduces some characters such as the old poet who has lost all sources of income due to the fact that his talents are no longer of people’s interest, Kamil, Abbas, Sheikh Darwish, and many more. Later into the plot, in one of the houses of Midaq Alley, a Mrs. Saniya Afifiy visits one of her tenants Um Hamida who is a marriage broker, and she asks for her help in finding a spouse who is younger than her. Meanwhile, Um Hamida is overcome with fear that her foster daughter, Hamida will never marry. Mrs. Karish raised Hamida alongside her own son Hussein, who works for the British Army. Hamida appears to be a money-minded girl who always aspires for more. Hussein is very content with his job at the British army and tries to encourage his friend Abbas to also join in order to earn a better living and provide for the ambitious woman who he loves, Hamida. During Hamida’s afternoon walk, Abbas follows her and confesses his love; however, Hamida acts hostile and antagonistic, and pushes him
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