Mid-Term Evals Essay

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Week 2 Discussion Q1 Please respond to the following prompt(s) by choosing "reply" to each question in the forums: * Examine your current organization's process of strategic management. How effective is this process relative to the organization's performance? What factors contribute to its effectiveness or ineffectiveness? I think that both of this week’s questions are very closely intertwined. The hospital I work in was recently bought out by a for profit entity that manages 100+ hospitals; and they do it very well. “XYZ hospital” was stagnant, stuck in their ways, and non-competitive. It was the “old boys’/girls’” way or the highway for many years. With the promise of employment for one year (time is up in July) on the horizon, things have seemed to come to a standstill as far as progress goes, however, the newer “outsiders” of the organization are now being considered rational, as the ideas we have spoke of are being preached to us via Six Sigma/Studer principals. Everyone seems ready to not exert any energy until they see if they will survive “reorganization” that may, or may not be coming. We, in my mind, were sold due to the fact that we were not “strategic” at all. If you do not have a plan (or you do have one you don’t believe in or don’t communicate), how are you to survive in the world of healthcare? Patients have choices of where to spend their money, and as our dwindling volumes attest, reflect directly on the organizations performance----AKA: SOLD! Communication is key. You cannot over communicate anything. Some managers are still stuck in the old way of directing staff with an imaginary crystal ball, but some have taken the opportunity to try and make improvements. The few improvements we have managed to make (coordinating scheduling of exams in Radiology and Cardiology) have been long overdue, but still welcome---and only makes me

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