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In public advertising, any presentation must be accurate in its details. However, this does not exclude the advertiser’s use of exaggeration and the ideal. Advertising is a function of the media that encompasses many forms. Its purpose is to present to the public an ideal of whatever the advertiser wants to project. These involve situations, values, beliefs, and culture norms. Thus, the ultimate lie according to Jay Chiat might be construed as a presentation of a product or idea according to the presenter’s point of view. However, the public must interpret what is “real” according to their status in life. When it comes to advertising on network or cable TV, it is used in many different ways. It is to inform consumers on different situations in life; including food, hair care, car, house products, and anything agencies can think of. The agency will try to sell people things that they “think” they will need. They will do anything possible to sell their product, even if it is a little lie, they will try to sell. The advertisements will show the consumers how well it is used, what special packages we will receive if buying, and how much we will save if we get this product within a certain amount of time. The agency will stop at nothing! They are so determined to grow out their product that they will find any way possible to make their project better than the rest. In the advertising world, you have different types of advertisements; you have the radio, magazines, television, the Internet, and even printed. For example, you may have a picture in a book with someone trying to sell you a car. The printer wants people to buy their outstanding product, so they will make the picture look purchasable. They will make the car look better then what it really is. In the advertisement, the company will make their project expense and rich. What some people

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