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Rachel Spear English 120: Decomposition II Professor J. Phillips Midterm COLUMN A A. As much as Marlowe doesn’t want to be part of the corruption of the 1930’s, he is part of it because of the business he’s in. Marlowe’s job is to clean up the dirt and grind of other people. The Sternwood’s were a big part of what led him to become part of the corruption. As Marlowe got further into helping them out, the closer he became to the lifestyles that they had been living. Phillip says himself at the end of the story that he was part of the “nastiness” that was the 1930’s. His image changed throughout the story. In the quote above, Marlowe seemed more optimistic about what was in store for him, while at the end of the novel he seemed lifeless with his words, like he had given up completely on the fact that there was some good left in the world. His self image changed with the events that took place throughout the story. He wants to believe that he is a knight that is supposed to help people, but he keeps getting himself deeper into the mess that Carmen has stirred up for the Sternwood’s. He himself never stooped down to the level that would ultimately put him in the position to be a part of he corruption, but because of the business that he’s in, it puts him in a good position to become a major part of the corruption. COLUMN B A. Politics without Principle: Walter Sobchack. * He puts way to much emphasis on the Vietnam war, but doesn’t have anything to back up what he’s saying about it Wealth without work: Jeffery Lebowski (the big lebowski) * Claims to have worked all his life when in fact the money that makes him so rich is actually from his ex- wife. Commerce without morality: Jesus Quintana - Bowls without respect for any other bowler. Thinks he’s the top bowler and doesn’t give a hoot about anyone else, unless it means that he can

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