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1. In your own words define the subject matter (what it studies) of social psychology. (10) - The individual becomes the part of a society by the process of socialization. When an individual behavior is influenced by the behavior of others individuals or influences them, there on finds the subject matter of social psychology. Cite an example from your personal experience, clearly describing how it relates to the definition of social psychology. (10) - The stereotypes, When I was younger I hade a group of friends and we were bonded together because the love for skates, we would dress alike, do the same things, consume similar things, we were involved on the same things that make our group together. 2. Cite five (5) factors that may influence a person to conform to the opinion (or attitude) of others. Name each factor and explain how it influences conformity. 2(a) – Emotional Pain: On my gymnastics times, I was the only one who had different school schedule and I had to change In order to adequate the group. 2(b) – Need to be right: Many times I hold to give my opinion when I know an expert has the knowledge about the topic discuss, even when I might have a different opinion about what is been said. 2(c) – Want to look good in other eyes: Many times I catch my self acting in a way that do not represent my self just to be able to adequate and look good in other peoples eyes. Especially when it come to give an opinion in topics that do not adequate with theirs. 2(d) – Lifestyle/Culture: I have change all my lifestyle and cultural habits and even food habits in order to adequate to United Stated. Even my personality has two shifts when I go back to my country. 2(e) – Gender: I tend to conform more when it comes to woman, I tend do discuss less and be more exceptive with their opinion when it comes o woman just to

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