Mid Summer Night's Dream Essay

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Waiting for Godot as ‘theatre of absurd’ Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for godot is a prime example describing the idea of ‘Theatre of the absurd’.An idea which questions human existence explaining Man’s purposelessness in the world which seems to be ddevoid of any meaning. The plays are even different structurally which starts at an arbitrary point and ends arbitrarily,inwhole reflecting the arbitrary and irrational nature of life. The theme of absurdism is most perfectly embodied in the characterization of the play as the characters in the play are really absurd. They are just present and doing nothing constructive. They talk nonsense and repeat their phrases. The characterization of the play is not in sync with the conventional view of any other play where we might get to see the development of the character with all the highs and lows of his life and his trust with reality. Beckett presents before us a highly absurd situation of two tramps – Vladimir and Estragon – waiting for someone called Godot, who doesn’t come. Both the tramps follow the same routine everyday – come and stand under a tree, wait for Godot, indulge in some senseless activities, keep on waiting the whole day, decide to begin afresh the next day. Moreover, Act II of the play is a mere photocopy of the first act with only one or two changes. Lucky accompanied by his master Pozzo comes in the first act and does in the second act thogh with a change. A boy comes to inform Vladimir and Estragon that Godot won’t come that day but he’ll definitely come the next day. In the second act too, a boy comes to deliver the same message. When asked by Vladimir and Estragon, he says that he’s the brother of boy, who came on the previous day. Through the repetitive pattern of the play, Beckett probably wants to drive home the point to the audience (now, readers) that the absurdity in man’s

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