Microsoft Word Professinal Ch. 1 &2 Test

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Microsoft Professional Test 1 1. Which of the following is not used for PE? A. custom deployments C. system troubleshooting B. Providing quick file server capability D. System Recovery 2. Which of the following is not a library that is included with Windows 7? A. Music C. Movies B. Document s D. Pictures 3. Which feature enables you to minimize all windows except the one on which you want to focus? A. Aero Snap C. Aero Peak B. Aero Shake D. Aero Task Switching 4. What is the agreement you have to accept when installing Windows? A. Fair right license C.WinPE license B. GNU license D. EULA 5. What is the Minimum disk space to install the 64-Bit version of Windows 7? A. 10 GB C. 20 GB B. 15 GB D. 30 GB 6. A (n) _______ is a series of folders associated with a specific user that contains personal documents, user-specific registry settings, Internet favorites, and other personal information. A. Computer Profile C. User Partition B. User Profile D. SHIM 7. What replaced the MS-DOS boot disks for fixing and troubleshooting a wide range of boot problems on a Windows Vista or 7 system? A. WinMin C. Boot.ini B. Windows PE D. Ntldr 8. In windows 7, what is designed to replace VB Script for scripting and performing actions? A. Resource Monitor C. Visual Basic B. PowerShell D. C## 9. Where do you place gadgets in Windows 7? A. Sidebar C. Taskbar B. Notification area D. Desktop 10. What Windows 7 feature replaces the Security Center found in Windows Vista? A. BranchCache C. ReadyBoost B. Libraries D. Action Center 11. What does the User State Migration tool use to keep track of the migration process? A. INI files C. Reg files B. XML files D. Stt files 12. Which of the following is not a new feature of PE 3.0? A. A windows imaging

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