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The Menu bar is where the user can look on a word document to find the options allowing the changing of a word document. Beginning with the word “file” and ending with the word “Help,” the menu bar is the grey horizontal bar across the top of a Microsoft Word Document. This Menu Bar allows the use of hundreds of commands in the form of “Drop down menus” from each of the Shown Menu’s in the tool Bar. For Example, under “ Insert” you can choose between: Break, Page Numbers, Date and Time, Auto Text, Field Symbol, comment, Reference, Web Component, Picture, Diagram, Text Box, File, Object, Book Mark, and Hyperlink. The Menu bar is a very simple, user friendly, method of organizing the commands available in a Word document. Do not be fooled though by the simplicity once you figure it out. As soon as you get confident that everything is under your control,----BOOM! You will inadvertently click somewhere and everything on your word document toolbar will be rearranged or missing. The help tab will then be absolutely useless in diagnosing your problem. The funny speaking person at customer support will be good only for pissing you off more, until the supervisor is requested. It is at this time that you will vow never to use another Microsoft product. Hours later you will realize that a simple google search on the internet can show you how, with nothing more than a few clicks of the mouse, to restore balance to your word savoir-faire. 2. As a part of the Menu Tool bar at the top of a word document, the Formatting option allows the appearance of the word, paragraph, or entire document to be augmented by using such tools as line spacing, paragraph spacing, indent spacing, etc., “Formatting” allows border shading, background colors and effects. These formatting options help users to navigate through the paper, as well as make the paper simply more enjoyable to

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