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Brian Simpson Professor Williams Marketing 222 November 11, 2013 Internet Commerce and Its Effect on the Environment The Internet had its origins in the 1960s when the Department of Defense developed a communications network to connect the computers of various military installations. The Department of Defense removed its computers from this network in the 1980s and turned over the control to the National Science Foundation (NSF). In 1992, the U.S. government withdrew funding from the NSF and encouraged private companies to administer and control the “Internet.” It was at this point that Internet commerce was born. Companies both large and small suddenly realized the enormous marketing potential of this global computer network. In fact, by 2007 the Internet had no doubt become the largest global marketplace. The commercial potential of the Internet stems from the fact that it is a global network with inexpensive access. The Internet is also available 24x7. The multimedia capability to the Internet is important for marketing and advertising. Quick product delivery, automated order-taking, and low overhead are several more factors that are driving Internet commerce. Evolution of the Internet The Internet revolutionized communications exponentially. The following PowerPoint presentation highlights several key events in the timeline of the evolution of the Internet. Two high points particularly significant to Internet commerce were the development of graphical browsers and electronic mail. Dazzling graphics tempt shoppers, and email confirmations arrive in your inbox within seconds of placing an order. Figure [ 1 ] DOD and ARPENET Figure [ 2 ] National Science Foundation Figure [ 3 ] MILNET and TCP/IP Figure [ 4 ] First Graphic Brower Figure [ 5 ] Netscape As the future of the Internet continues to evolve, the nagging problems of

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