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Microsoft Office Essay

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Microsoft Office
There are a few programs available for business and education that you can create word processor documents, spreadsheets, and presentations for the Microsoft Windows Platform. They range from various prices and they mostly have all the same functions. Microsoft has been around for 30 years. They have created various different products for almost anyone in the world. The software package that is very well known is Microsoft Office.
Microsoft Office has changed over the years. Each software title available can be bought individually or as one of their packages. The first Office series that was released was called Office 3.0 in 1993. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Microsoft_Office) The next major Office series was released in 1996. This was called Microsoft Office 97. Small Business, Standard Edition and Professional were the available packages. In 1999 they released the next Office program called Microsoft Office 2000. This year a new Premium Edition was added. Over the next couple years after Office 2000 was released they worked on creating an XP Office to go with their operating system Windows XP. When this package was released there was a new option. It was called Standards for Students and Teacher. This was designed for high school and college students and teachers. This also was published at a lower cost than the regular Standard Edition with the same features. The only stipulation is that you had to show proof that you were and student or a teacher when purchasing the product. The newest Office package that was released in 2002 was Office 2003. This new office package also included the Student and Teacher edition.
The pricing on the office products vary from each package and which options that you need. Buying each package individually would be the cheapest if you only needed a word processor program or spreadsheet program. Also one advantage that you get with buying each package individually is that you buy only what you need and not have...

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