Microsoft Network Operating System 1 Essay

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Windows Network Operating System 1 Research Assignment 1 1. Windows Server 2008 comes in different versions to provide consumers with different prices and features. The significance of each version is in their features. Each version varies depending on hardware and large number of servers and workstations. 2. These are some new services introduced in windows server 2008 that 2003 didn’t have: Read-only Domain Controllers, shadow copy for all folders, windows deployment services, group policy editor option differs in Active Directory, Hyper-V, new in-built components and drivers that reduces power consumption of server and client operating systems. Virtualization and management is a big difference in windows server 2008 from 2003. 3. A 64-bit version of Windows Server 2008 is so advantage because it’s a high performance computing, capable of supporting thousands of processing cores and designed with special tools to help with administrators manage and monitor high-end server hardware platforms. 4. Server core, which is a stripped down version of windows server 2008, gives you no desktop explorer shell, no start menu, no MMC, and no graphical applications. All you see is a command prompt, which doesn’t waste server resources on graphical displays and other things unnecessary. Virtualization is the process of deploying and maintaining multiple instances of an operating system on a single computer. Each virtual machine will contain a complete copy of the OS with its own virtual hardware resources, device drivers, and applications. It improves server consolidations, backups, testing and education and compatibility. Powershell is a command line and scripting language designed for system administration. Powershell helps IT professionals control and automate the administration of Windows operating systems and applications that run on Windows. 5.

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