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Coventry University Postgraduate Program Module Title: IFSM111EC- Principles of Marketing Stream specialization: Engineering Management Declaration: The assignment submitted is a result of my own investigation and independent work. All sections of the text and results, which been obtained from other sources, are fully referenced. No confidential information of Infosys is included in this assignment. I understand that cheating and plagiarism constitute a breach of University regulations and will be dealt with as per prevailing university rules and regulations. Contents Microsoft Windows 8 and Surface tablet computer – a Marketing Analysis 3 Introduction 3 Product Strategy 4 Product - Competition 7 Pricing Strategy 8 Pricing Strategy – Competition 10 Marketing Channels Strategy 12 Marketing Channels Strategy – Competition 13 Marketing Communication Strategy 15 Marketing Communication Strategy – Competition 16 Microsoft’s Marketing Mix – Effective or efficient? 18 Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threat (SWOT) Analysis 19 Future Marketing Strategy 22 Conclusion 24 Bibliography 25 Appendix 27 Microsoft Windows 8 and Surface tablet computer – a Marketing Analysis Introduction Microsoft founded in 1975, is a worldwide leader in software, services and solutions, including Operating System (OS) with Windows Series and its Microsoft Office productivity suite. With revenue $ 69.9 billion and operating income $ 27.1 billion (2011 Annual Report,, Microsoft is world’s 42nd biggest company (Forbes Global 2000, 2012). Microsoft operates in five different segments/ divisions - * Windows and Windows Live Division which develops and markets PC OS, related software and online services and PC Hardware Products. * Server and tools division * Microsoft Business Division (MBD) * Online Services Division

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