Microsoft Case Reaction Essay

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Moving ahead it would benefit Microsoft to focus on leadership development and to create a leadership culture that aligns with its new strategy. Under the guidance of Ballmer, Microsoft struggled with constant re-organization and it became a climate of discontent among employees. Focus moved away from innovation and not on unity as one company with the same vision. In order for Microsoft to stay ahead in its competitive industry, it needs to focus on developing core leadership skills, execution of those skills and enabling others to act which will ensure positive growth. This focus on leadership will allow Microsoft to be more agile, and forge ahead with innovation in the cloud and mobile spaces. Nadella had inherited Microsoft at a time when not only do they lag behind industry leaders such as Apple in mobile technology, but they also lagged in basics such as internal collaboration, agility and low morale amongst the vast parts of Microsoft’s enterprises. Divisions had been re-organized multiple times with layoffs and core leadership values had become disjointed under Ballmer’s leadership. Ballmer focused more on creating a strategy to capture the market share for devices and products and not what the customer wanted. While Nadella has signed off Ballmer’s last re-organization he needs to focus more on developing a high performing team with leadership who would inspire and invigorate their teams. With the abandonment of stack-ranking and introduction of performance appraisal, employees could now focus on teamwork, collaboration and agility. In looking towards the future Nadella would be best served creating a more common goal, a stronger vision and a focus on creating a unified company, aligned with the culture. Although Ballmer listed basic core values in his email of July 2013, Nadella must strive to align the technical strategies as well as developing,
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