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Microsoft Case Analysis By: Tom Hecht The purpose of this case analysis for Microsoft is to evaluate the greatest threats and also to identify Microsoft’s greatest opportunities. For a long time, Microsoft was the only company that people would even consider, but as technology has begun changing, so have consumers needs and wants. Microsoft was able to corner the market from the beginning of personal computers being offered by making a deal with IBM to become the sole provider of operating system for their personal computers. Microsoft thought ahead though and also added wording to contract that allowed them to provide IBM’s competitors with the same operating system. In doing this, Microsoft was able to land in nearly any home or office that had a personal computer. This was the start of how Microsoft got to be the size it is today. Microsoft has many outside threats just because of it’s size and how many different area’s they offer products in. Their main competitors at this time are Google and Apple. Apple recently overtook Microsoft as the most valuable technology company. One of the contributing factors to Apple overtaking Microsoft as the most valuable technology company is the fact that Apple has been at the forefront of many technological advances in the past decade while Microsoft really has not done much to keep up with the changing demands. Some of the area’s that are or will be seeing major growth in the next few years are the Cloud computing, the cell phone area, and the tablet sector. Microsoft has set itself up for a major advantage with Cloud computing with all the money they are investing into its research and development. They are lacking in the phone and tablet area but can still enter the market because it’s still a newer market. The technology sector of the economy is just going to keep growing and because Microsoft is so big I believe

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