Microhematocrit Lab Essay

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Microhematocrit Lab Objective: The objective of the micro hematocrit lab is to determine the ratio of the volume of the packed red blood cells to the volume of whole blood by evaluating capillary blood. Materials: • Microhematocrit reader • Lancet device • Lancet • Alcohol wipes • Sterile Gauze • 2 heparin coated capillary tubes • Gloves • Hematocrit centrifuge • Sealer • Biohazard bag • Sharps container Procedure: Capillary Puncture 1. Wash your hands. 2. Assemble equipment, put on gloves. 3. Chose finger in which puncture will be performed. Middle or ring finger of the dominant hand are usually used. 4. Prepare lancet device and have it ready to use. 5. Prepare the finger by cleaning it with a alcohol wipe. Allow it to air dry. 6. Grasp the finger, and using a lancet, press firmly against the lateral side of the finger to make a puncture. 7. The first drop contains excess tissue fluid and must be wiped away. Collect the drops of blood into the capillary tube by gently massaging the finger. 8. Try to avoid excessive pressure that may cause bruising. 9. Draw blood into two microhematocrit tubes by capillary action avoiding air bubbles. The tubes should be filled about ¾ full and hold horizontally. 10. Wipe off excess blood from the capillary tube with a Kimwipe. 11. Seal one end of each tube with a small amount of clay material at a 90( angle. 12. After collecting amount of blood needed, hold a gauze pad over the puncture site for a short time to stop the bleeding. 13. Place the filled and sealed capillary tubes into the centrifuge. The sealed ends should point toward the outside of the centrifuge. The duplicate samples should be placed opposite each other in order to balance the
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