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Josh Larson 10/17/11 Microeconomics Entrepreneurs are business people who have a piece in a business enterprise, and they make money at their own risk through the business. Many times, entrepreneurs are overlooked when the topic is microeconomics. This happens because people tend to focus on supply and demand graphs. Really, entrepreneurs are just as important as these graphs because they change the game of economics. They can affect how the entire shape of the market is by inventing or starting businesses that set the standard for businesses. Entrepreneurs are also necessary to the economy because they start these businesses that define America and other countries. Microeconomics studies these different businesses so that they people have an idea of where the economy, business, or company can go. Steve Jobs is an entrepreneur that has innovated computers to new heights. Competition also helped his business boom. Apple and Windows have been fierce competitors over the years, and have innovated computer beyond what most people could dream of. Bill Gates really pushed Steve Jobs to innovate to best of his abilities, which helped Apple become one of the most successful companies in recent memory. This also would not have happened if Steve Jobs had not risked all that he had for this company. If he were to go bankrupt, he would be responsible for whatever his business lost. This is a pretty hefty risk considering that he put himself, his possessions, and his family at risk. Losing everything he had would have been a consequence of his actions. This relates directly to economics because there are different consequences and effects to any adopted policy. Choices are inevitable when dealing with economics. There is always controversy surrounding these choices because there are consequences to every decision that is made. One example of this is Obama’s

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