Microcultures Essay

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A micro culture is a group of people who share a common set of values, beliefs, and behaviors while possessing a common history and a verbal and nonverbal symbol system that differs from the macro culture. Micro cultures can include different groups of people grouped by age, class, geographic region, sexual preference, disability, ethnicity, race, size, and occupation. Each individual group has different characteristics that set them aside from the macro culture, but make them very unique. These characteristics can consist of linguistic, aesthetic, religious, political, sexual, geographical, or a combination of factors. One major characteristic that distinguishes micro cultures from a macro culture would be their symbolism or their “style”, for example their clothes or music choices. Micro cultures are very unique groups of people that everyone considers “different”, just because they stick out. Two prime examples of micro cultures would be the Amish and the National FFA Organization. The Amish are what people consider an isolated micro culture. The Amish population has basically been isolating themselves from the influences of the macro culture for several years. The Amish population is at about 192,000, with seventy percent of that total in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Indiana. Being isolated, the Amish have managed to stay very traditional, and have steered away from advancing with technology. The Amish people do not have phones and have no electricity. They, also, view farming as a way of life, using modern farm equipment drawn by horses or mules and not permitting tractors in their fields. They believe that their families are best suited in a rural environment. They can be distinguished from the larger dominant culture in three main areas: language, dress, and education. The Amish can be pointed out from the macroculture by the way they dress. In
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