Microbiology Worksheet

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Chapter 18 Worksheet 1: Microbiology http://sci.waikato.ac.nz/farm/content/microbiology.html#types_of_bacteria Go to the link above and read the following sections: Cow’s guts and microbes, Discovery of Rumen Microbes, Why do cows need microorganisms? How many microbes live in the rumen? and What types of bacteria are in the rumen?. 1. The study of microscopic living organisms is termed microbiology. 2. The microbes in a cow’s gut include bacteria, fungi, and other small, single-celled organisms. These microbes digest cellulose, a material found in plant cell walls. These microbes are vital for cow nutrition because cows - and most animals - lack the enzyme cellulose and cannot digest cellulose. 3. Single celled animals that

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