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In the article Getting Your Microbes Analyzed Raises Big Privacy Issues the topic whether or not to have your microbes tested was discussed. The article also stated that many of the microbes in our body play a role in the diseases that some people are detected with. The American Gut project, which is the project that test the microbes in the body.They send a packet to the person which includes instructions and the tools needed to make the test possible. However, this project has raised many concerns. For example, how some people can find out things that may or may not concern them about their health. Also, that some of the information the volunteers give out can be share with others. One of the ways that people can identify bacteria is being doing gram stains which can tell a person whether or not they have a positive and negative bacteria. Usually the positive bacteria is more sensitive to antibiotics. Some of this bacteria can become colonies, which can form when environmental conditions are favorable. Bacteria also come in many different shapes that can be found in different places of the body. Some bacteria plays a role in our gut which can determine how our metabolism works, it breaks down food. Fungi and protozoa are some of the bacteria that can be found in our intestines. In my opinion I would not have my microbes tested for any reason. Whether it was with the American Gut project or not. Most of the researchers share information so most of the time you have no idea who is getting your information. My main concern would be finding out something that I don’t want to know it’s going on inside my body. I would take the information that its given to me too serious and panic about it a little and maybe not continue with life normally. Also, I do believe that it can raise questions about being ethical because not all the races are the same nor do we come from

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