Micro Mcdonalds Essay

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History of Company Summary of Case Discussion questions: 1. What environmental trends have challenged McDonald’s? 2. Assess the attempt by McDonald’s to reposition its brand 3. To what extent are the actions of McDonald’s likely to have an impact on its competitors? 4. What are the challenges facing McDonald’s as it expands into emerging markets? Conclusion 1954 - McDonalds was founded a small burger restaurant by Ray Kroc 1970-1980- Global Phenomenon 1979- introducing Happy Meal 1996- McDonald’s operated in 100 countries 2003- global advertising “ I’m lovin’ it” 2011-operates in 119 countries This Case about global brand McDonald’s in the Restaurant Market, which every time adopting to changes of environment trends and creates strategic plans for revitalization of its brand Problems: Competitors New awareness of Healthy food Obesity Documentary film “Super Size Me” Maturity of the market for eating outside the home Raised new competitors in the restaurant market like Subway, Starbucks , Pret A Manger…. The trend of healthy eating (ingredients) BSE crisis ( British beef), bird flu(chicken), swine flu Increasing Childhood obesity Film “Super Size me” Protests against the company from environmentalists, health chiefs and middle-class commentators 1. Revising of the menus - Chicken rather beef (BSE crises) - Experimental Quorn-Based Vegetarian meals - 11 items reduced from Salad plus and breakfast menus in 18 month. - Fruit and vegetarian portions for children - Smoothies, Energy drinks, Specialty coffees 2. Heavy investment on advertisement - $45m in UK alone - New slogan ( I m lovin' it) (Sales increased 8.5% in EU after the campaign) 3. Focus on expansion in sales rather expansion in no. of restaurants 4. Heavy investment in "New Look"of restaurants 5. Healthy food and
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