Micro-Macro Dilemma Essay

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In the book Essentials of Marketing (2010), Perreault Jr., Cannon and McCarthy stated, the micro-macro dilemma states that what is good for some consumers and firms in not necessarily good for society as a whole (Perreault Jr., Cannon and McCarthy, 2010, p. 23). What is a high powered engine? A high powered engine to me means at least 8 cylinders and has plenty of torque. Torque is what the power the vehicle has to tow an object behind it. Torque is what throws you back in your seat when you accelerate fast. The problem is that my thoughts on what a high powered engine is not the same as everyone else's in society. Now that the economy is struggling and gas prices are rising, more and more people are choosing to buy high efficient vehicles with smaller engines. These smaller engines are usually 4 cylinder engines that get high miles per gallon of gas. After driving a 4 cylinder car for an extended period of time these people may see a high powered engine as anything that has 6 cylinders or higher. They may feel that torque has nothing to do with a high powered engine. They could feel that a high powered engine is anything that can accelerate quickly wether it has a large amount of torque or not. Nuclear power is a very cheap and efficient source of power. This being said there is more to nuclear power than just that it is cheap and efficient. Nuclear power poses some dangers to the community. If a disaster like the one in Japan in 2011 occurred then the current workers and community around the Nuclear plant would be in danger of radiation. Not everyone is willing to take a chance at getting radiation from nuclear energy just to get a cost effective form of energy. Bank credit cards are very convenient but dangerous at the same time. Someone who is smart with there money and use credit cards for large purchases without having to carry large

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