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Cyber Slacking In the Workplace Since the dawn of the Digital Age, “cyber slacking” in the workplace has become a widespread epidemic. The availability of internet access and the prevalence of retail and social networking sites make the temptation to visit this site while at work difficult to overcome. This issue is affecting businesses nationwide and even popular in the UK. Although cyber slacking can negatively affect any business it has become a primary concern for small businesses. These businesses lack the resources for implementing software to prohibit the use of certain sites and the removal of games from an office computer. According Sarah Needleman from WSJ, recently the frequency of the issue has grown to a point that it is downright costly to ignore. It has been reported that 57 million Americans visited social-networking sites from a work computer, spending an average of 15 minutes on them per day (Needleman, 2010). Obviously, the idle time could be spent working and is reducing the efficiency of the company. However, there can be an argument made that eliminating cyber slacking would not necessarily improve productivity, in fact, it may decrease it. The argument proposes that humans need some sort of mental release in order to stay focused throughout the day. It seems reasonable to say these internet deviances are simply a substitute for “old school” methods of taking a break. Opinions vary but one thing that is certain is that workers are finding it increasingly more difficult to resist social networking sites. This presents an issue and we have not even taken into consideration the amount of time spent on online retail sites. Interestingly enough, this topic has found its way to the UK as well. ComScore Inc. released a report which concluded that in the United Kingdom more than 1/3 of total online retail transactions occur in the workplace. The

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