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Nathan, you can look at what I have written. It is very difficult for you, but you can try to understand it. At least try to learn a new word or expression from what is written. It is difficult for me to choose a teacher who has influenced me in my education. The problem arises from not remembering many of my teachers clearly. But there was one man who comes to mind. This teacher was quite old, a high school teacher certainly close to retirement. He had a sparse smattering of brown-grey hair, neatly combed. I assume he always wore some kind of equally neat clothing, though his full appearance was certainly unremarkable enough to escape vivid remembrance. However, I do recall he wore a big pair of glasses – angular and strong, a remnant of an earlier fashion. I also recall he was thick and tall, though bent-backed somewhat in his declining years. Perhaps he played sports in his youth. I can’t remember where I met him, or when I first saw him. The passing of the years even leaves me unsure as to his name, so I won’t do him the disservice of incorrectly writing it here. I remember he was old, old like the other teachers, just someone waiting for retirement. He was too old to relate to my generation and too old to not be cranky. I liked to hide in class. I was self-conscious and terribly shy. I would sit quietly, doing as little as possible to escape attention. I guess my lazy attitude brought attention to me one class because the aforementioned teacher let go of all his displeasure or frustration or whatever was bothering him. He yelled at me that I would never make it into university because I didn’t do anything to improve myself. I felt terribly ashamed and confused to be singled out in such a way in front of the class. So my image of this teacher was one of an old frustrated man. And this image remained somewhere in my mind until I had left high
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