Michael Pollans "Food Rules" Applied to the Diet of a 26 Year Old Carnivore Essay

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Brian Dillon COMP110.N22 S. Atzeni 02.21.14 One would think that an issue such a food would be pretty black and white. You go to the local supermarket, restaurant, or fast food chain, exchange your hard earned currency for a delectable product, and return home to cook it or just sit down and eat it right out of its corporate stamped paper bag. One would think that however most don’t give much thought to the source of said food, how it was handled prior to entering your body, if it was treated with any kind of harmful chemicals (i.e. pesticides, fertilizers, or any kind of mutagenic breeding processes) or if it at any point the food had GMO’s added to it to enhance color, texture, size, etc. Also, how much is in that paper bag you got through a take-out window? Two, three, maybe four times the amount you should be eating? And then there is the impact of how your consumption of this hypothetical product is doing to smaller businesses-not to mention the environment. All of these issues from small to prodigiously significant sit right on your dinner table every night. There is a very good chance that if you stopped at a fast food joint that the meat you’re eating barely even qualifies as meat. Or even worse that the meat you’re eating meat is from an animal that was stored in a cage almost smaller than the animal itself. Animal rights has long been a hotbed issue in the United States that draws (as most issues do) extremists from both sides. You have people who believe that they should be able to shoot, kill and eat any animal on this planet like it’s still the frontier times. Then you have PETA and other organizations that use shock campaigns in attempt to draw attention to animal rights causes but ultimately usually end up looking more deranged than anything. It’s a very touchy subject. Where do you draw the line? Compassionate carnivores seem to

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