Michael Northrop's Trapped Themes

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Trapped by Michael Northrop When school closes early because of the snow coming down, Scott and his friends decide to take advantage of the extra time to work on a go-kart they've been building in shop class. But with nearly everyone else having left the school, and the snow coming down faster and faster, they realise they may have made a terrible mistake. So begins a chilling (sorry!) tale, which sees seven students struggle to hold on as the weather gets ever worse. I normally don't comment on the presentation of novels, but have to make an exception here because Trapped really is superb in that respect. Each chapter opens with a simple black and white drawing showing the snow falling and the pile on the ground getting higher and higher. It's incredibly…show more content…
In doing so, she manages to suck much of the magic out of the beloved Peter Pan story. The novel's biggest problem, though, is its lack of a focused audience. Wendy herself is only nine, but the book often delves into the minds of its adult characters, and its themes (including sexuality and suicide) seem aimed at a much older reader. Percy Jackson and the lightning thief by rick Lauren Imagine finding out that myths are actually history, your father is really a Greek god, and there's a host of mythical monsters out to kill you. Well for Percy Jackson that's reality, and on top of that, he's right in the center of a dangerous controversy between the gods. If he doesn't do something quick, countless innocent lives could be lost. Engaging characters, surprises at every turn, and a melding of mythology with our everyday reality combine to make The Lightning Thief a thoroughly enjoyable read. It does contains some very mildly disturbing images of torment in the underworld, cursing in ancient Greek, and various combat related wounds/death, but the content is otherwise clean and the tone

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