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Michael Moore’s provocative essay, “Idiot Nation,” sarcastically ridicules our government for the lack of educated people in the United States. He opens by pointing out that America has a long history of high-ranking government officials who know little or nothing about their position, leading up to the current president at the time who appears to be proud of the fact that he struggled in school. A test giving to students of some of the most prestigious colleges in the United States proves that even those who are said to be some of the brightest students in the country do not know as much as one would think. In fact, the only questions that all of the students got correct were pop-culture based. After blaming teachers for children not knowing what The Iliad or The Odyssey are about, a news reporter is called out by Moore because he (the reporter) also does not know what they are about. His words toward the reporter are, "You gladly hawk your 'wisdom' to hundreds of thousands of unsuspecting citizens, gleefully scorning others for their ignorance. Yet you and your guests know little or nothing yourselves. Grow up, get some books, and go to your room" (Moore 135). The contempt he shows is clear as he highlights the hypocrisy of the media. Author credibility is built by describing his own experiences in school. It starts out in the first grade, when he was smart enough to be promoted to the second grade but was held back by his mother fearing that her son would get picked on. The end of his formal education comes when he describes dropping out of high school because he could not find a parking spot. Disdain is showed towards government officials for their part in education. Specific examples are given of cutting federal spending on libraries, underpaying teachers, and allowing kids to be taught in unsafe buildings. In an attack on standardized testing in schools, Moore

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