Michael Kimmel Rhetorical Analysis

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“Those that are privileged are blind to It,” that was the consistent them of the Michael Kimmel speaker on last Thursday. He first started off with a very broad perspective of the issue talking about worldly issues and slowly focusing down into the issue of gender. The speaker’s main points were the differences between men and women are actually their similarities. This continuous idea was reiterated through numerous statistics that have been taken more then 30 years ago and then taken in the past 5 years. Michael then began to show that the range and adjustment of these figures from the 1970’s until now have been drastic. He showed that the differences between men and women economically, socially, politically and sexually are very similar. He further stressed his point by explaining that the mixing of these gender differences will allow the society to become more equal and smarter. The intelligence factor will be gained from the men and women’s combination of ideas, from slightly different perspectives. He then applied this idea to modern society and the current political race and the change of our economy figures.…show more content…
I was not very happy when he made fun of me in front of the entire group because he said I was a typical male. I thought that he only really showed one perspective of the views of gender differences and the views that he explained made men look incompetent. He really struggled to show a consensus feeling about the differences of men and women in current times. His views showed that men were still thinking in the 1940’s stereotypes of the American family. Even though I believe that these ideas are so far fetched when thinking we have a women running for president and doing a great
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