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“Michael Jordan” “A Star is Born” Michael Jordan is one of the greatest basketball players of all time. He was born in Brooklyn, New York, February 17th 1963. He led the Chicago Bulls to six NBA championships. As a child Jordan loved to play baseball, he also practiced some basketball and football. Jordan began to like more and more basketball because his older brother Larry always beat him in one on one pickup games. This made him more motivated to be a better player. Jordan later on started playing in the Laney High School basketball team, in Wilmington, North Carolina. Then he was cut from the team in his sophomore year. Later on he made the team and led them to the state championship. Jordan was offered a scholarship from the university of North Carolina. He became very popular thanks to his winning shots in different important games. He left college in 1984 and joined the NBA. Jordan played as a pro on his first game on October 26 1984. Jordan led the Chicago Bulls to the playoffs every season but didn’t make the NBA final until 1991 where he lead the Bulls to 3 consecutive NBA championships. After his third NBA championship there where some troublesome events. Jordan’s father James Jordan pulled over to take a nap on his way home and he was murdered by two armed robbers in North Carolina. To make it worst the NBA investigated Jordan with suspicion that he was betting illegally on NBA games. He was eventually cleared. This made Jordan lose motivation and made him step out of the basketball court. Jordan took on a new challenge, to play professional baseball. He played with the Birmingham Barons that are an affiliate of the Chicago White Sox. By November on 1994 the Chicago Bulls retired his number and made a life size statue in front of the United Center. On March 18, 1995 Jordan announced that he was returning to the Chicago Bulls and ended his career in

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