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Michael Jordan was written by Michael Boughn in 1999. The book details the life and unbelievable career of Michael Jordan. What I learned about this book is that Dr. James Naismith, a Canadian from a small town in Ontario, was living in Springfield, Massachusetts when he decided to nail to peach baskets to each side of the balcony railings of the YMCA. He thought of two teams trying to throw a soccer ball into the basket. This was how the game of basketball started. Years later the master of basketball came along - Michael Jordan (M.J). M.J was born on February 17, 1963. He and his brother Larry grew up in Wilmington North Carolina. Michael went to Laney High School and played basketball for 2 years (Junior and Senior year). However, his favorite sport was baseball. He was named MVP in the Babe Ruth League and batted .500 and hit five home runs in seven games. When Michael tried out for the varsity basketball team he didn’t make the team! The coach thought it would be better for Michael’s development if he waited until he was a junior to play varsity. This encouraged Michael to improve and play basketball every minute. He worked out in the gym every day and did drill after drill to perfect his skills. In 1979, Michael finally made the varsity team but he was awkward and had little control of the ball on the court. It was during the holiday basketball tournament when Michael finally showed his true talent. He helped the team win the game and scored all of the team’s last 15 points. Dean Smith, the coach of University of North Carolina (“UNC”) Tar Heels heard about the unknown player from Wilmington and invited him to his sports camp so he could figure out more about him. By the end of the camp everyone knew about Michael and colleges tried to scout him for their team. At this time, Michael was spending all of his time playing basketball and

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