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Dear Mrs. Henderson, Although I appreciate the opportunity for my son to spend the weekend at Neverland Ranch I am going to decline. I personally consider Mr. Michael Jackson is Very talented artist and I admire his work. However, due to recent child molestation Accusation I am concerned my child will be in danger. Please consider that although Mr. Michael Jackson is a very successful in his career in his personal life he’s “ a misfit Of society ” as Newman-Wagner writes. Mr. Michael Jackson behavior is often Inappropriate and can have a bad influence on a thirteen-year-old children. As a Concerned parent I urge you to consider the recent accusations and headlines presented Against Mr. Michael Jackson cancel the trip for the class. First, Mr. Michael Jackson in recent years has shown through his bizarre behavior To be an unstable and unpredictable person. He’s alter his physical appearance in an Usual way. From his Appearance to his fascination with children his action reflect how unstable and Unpredictable person he is. As written by Newman-Wagner in the essay Michael Jackson: Misfit or Misunderstood “ Michael Jackson life has been a roller coaster ride.” How are we supposed to trust a person with our children who is so unpredictable in his Own life. Second, I would like to point out the child molestation accusations presented Against Mr. Michael Jackson. Although he has not been found Guilty in a court of law The accusations still present uncertainty that our children can potentially be in danger. I am not comfortable leaving my son alone with a man accused of such a harsh crime. The thought of knowing he can be capable of harming children is astonishing to me. Guilty or not guilty of child molestation his behavior is defiantly inappropriate and Dangerous. For example, “ In recent Years,

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