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Good morning everyone, today I am going to share an icon of popular culture, Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson is a famous singer and dancer. He is also known as "King of Pop". His great passion for music and dance makes him become one of the best entertainer of all time. I believe he is the icon of popular culture because of his achievements, beliefs and impact on young people. Michael Jackson's achievements include different types of best selling awards. However, I think his biggest achievement is that he created a new form of art. Every songs and dances of him are unique and personalized. His distinctive sound and dance even influences numerous hip hop, and rock artists. Besides, he has a great belief. Michael Jackson is a hardworking performer who wants to show people the best of him. Although he is a talented and skillful performer already, he never stops practicing. He spends hours a day polishing his skills because he believes there always are rooms for improvement. What people saw on stage was the result of his hard work. In addition, he spends most of his life breaking down racial barriers. Although there are laws protecting the rights of different races, racial discrimination is still a serious problem in America. Michael Jackson wants everyone to get along with each other friendly and peacefully. Therefore, he composes songs in promoting racial fairness. Michael Jackson is a super star and he brings great impact to teenagers. Michael Jackson usually wear a suit, a hat, and a glove when he is performing. This special outfit become his icon and every teenagers are trying to follow this style. His beliefs also affect teenagers. Many teenagers practice dancing just because they appreciate Michael Jackson's passion and spirit in performances. Teens are following and learning from him. In conclusion, Michael Jackson is an icon of popular culture

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