Mice And Men Relationship

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In Of Mice and Men, the friendship that George and Lennie share forms the core of the novel, and although Steinbeck likes to exaggerate it, he never questions its sincerity. George and Lennie provide protection, companionship, acceptance to the world, quality of work, friendship, and mental stability for each other throughout the book. In this book George and Lennie demonstrate friendship amidst horrendous times showing the people in this time hope, courage and belief. George and Lennie provided protection for each other by standing up and being there for each other. At the beginning of the book George considers Lennie another frustration to deal with so he says to Lennie “You just stand there and don’t say nothing”. George tries to make Lennie not have a chance to screw things up and stands up for him when Curley gets mad at Lennie. Lennie does this to George but in a different way. He does it by helping George in his dispute against Curley. When George really depends on him he is there despite his mental disability. George and Lennie’s force together is much more than it is apart. Lack of companionship is a difficulty many characters in this book have; fortunately George and Lennie succeeded this problem. Without each other they would both be very lonely and Lennie would most likely be homeless and without a job. Although George sees him as a frustration without him he wouldn’t be George. When Lennie and George are apart a bad terrible thing happens, Lennie kills Curley’s wife and causes his own death as well. George kills Lennie out of love and even though he didn’t want to at least he didn’t let some stranger do it. Throughout the book Lennie always knows at least one thing to be true, he always has George. In a couple of spots in the book Lennie remembers and repeats, “Because I got you, and you got me”. This was one of the times that Lennie and George had
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