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Taylor Clark Ms. McGowan English 9, Period 3 26 August 2013 “Of Mice and Men” Critical Triangle Assignment When Lennie wanders into crooks’ bunk house explain what they discuss with each other about? Lennie and George talked about the rabbits he’s going to tend when George, Candy, and Lennie will own a farm and live off of the land. Crooks criticizes him though saying that George will spend all his money at a whore house or gambling so that they’ll never get the farm. Analyze the historical significance of the book “Of Mice and Men”? The historical significance is important because it shows how life was back during the great depression. It also shows how people used to take care of things during the great depression. This book really showed me how life was during the great depression. Evaluate the historical impact the book demonstrates? The book “Of Mice and Men” what men used to do during the Great Depression and how they would earn their money and so on. The book also shows how people used to treat each other back during the Great Depression. The book also shows how people would treat people in that time when Lennie snaps Curley’s wife’s neck and runs away down to the river. Then George ends up killing Lennie at the river. He did this so the other men trying to kill Lennie couldn’t make him suffer. This showed me how people used to take care of things back during the Great

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