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The book Of Mice and Men written by John Steinback shows the struggle in the 1930’s. It tells how people are lonely and how they need a companion. The book and movie both show how reality was hard on lower class people. The book and movie are both portrayed marvelously. The casting crew from Of Mice and Men is chosen wisely they all portray each character perfectly. Reading the book and imagining each character then watching the movie both portray fine. The book Of Mice and Men would have never made imaginary that Stable buck’s back was that messed up. If to pick what characters from either the book or the movie you would have to choose the movie for the reason that it’s more realistic more believable and more defined. The most moving exciting scene from the book would be when Lennie hallucinates from seeing Aunt Clara and a giant rabbit. This scene foreshadows his death. The hallucination foreshadows the death of Lennie because he envisions his Aunt Clara and usually he would not even remember her or the name. Also seeing the giant rabbit shows the foreshadowing of his death because he always wanted to tend the rabbits. The most exciting scene from the movie is when you see the horror from Lennie and Curley. This scene shows how much strength that Lennie has. It’s incredible how you see the hand just crumble and bleed. From Of Mice and Men the movie and the book both use different techniques to move the reader or observer. The movie moves you by showing the struggle of how hard it was to live. The movie also shows how Lennie’s disability is very bad. The book explains more that makes you more interested in what is happening. The book also focuses on the characters problems. Many scenes were omitted from the movie. The scene when Lennie is hiding in the brushes it does not show how he has memories of his Aunt Clara and the

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